The Woman who was Healed of Epilepsy


When I met my wife to be, I soon learnt that she suffered from epilepsy.
At the age of ten she had been hit by a car and dragged along the road causing internal injuries and some scaring on the brain.

The impact had left a small indent in her skull just above the eye which you could feel by placing your finger in the small ridge it had created.
At the time of the accident, the pastor of her Christian church cut short his holiday and travelled back to Birmingham to pray for her.

The doctors had told her, that because of her internal injuries, the chances of her ever having children was unlikely, yet she went on to have four.

When she reached her teens, she started to fit regularly every month and was prescribed tablets to prevent the seizures yet these made no difference.

She was in her early twenties when I met her and it wasn’t long before I witnessed her having an epileptic fit. I had never witnessed an epileptic fit before and panicked a bit. My first thoughts were to call an ambulance, then I thought about calling the pastor but I knew that they wouldn’t be there in time.

So I thought, I’m here and it’s down to me.

So I prayed for her restoration in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ and straight away she stopped fitting. Within a few minutes she was completely restored as if nothing had happened. This in itself was a miracle because previously after fits, it would take her up to 24 hours to recover during which time she was groggy and didn’t even recognise members of her own family.

So prayer delivered her instantly, but then it happened again and again. Each time, I would pray for her restoration and she would be restored within a few minutes, but I was distraught that it kept happening.

One day, my wife to be fitted again and again I prayed for her restoration. As she came round from the fit, she asked me to pray for her scar. She guided my finger to the ridge above her eye and I waited. She asked me why I wasn’t praying and I told her that The Lord Jesus Christ was saying something to me.

This is what He said: “There is no scar to pray for”

At the time, we didn’t think very much of what had happened, but the next day I shared it with my pastor. He said that we should look to see if the ridge above her eye was still there. We couldn’t find it. Then she asked her parents to check it out and they couldn’t find it either.

Since that day she has never had an epileptic fit. She drives a car and has an ordinary driving license and doesn’t have to report to doctors or the DVLA.

A few years after these events, my wife was admitted to hospital temporarily. When the doctors looked at her medical history they saw epilepsy on her record and decided to do a scan.

I will never forget the doctor walking towards me holding the results of the scan and shaking his head in disbelief.

He said: “According to her records, there is scarring tissue on the brain, but according to the scan it has healed up.”

At the time of writing this, my wife has been healed of epilepsy and has had no fits for 23 years.

In the New Testament we are told about the woman who had bled for years but believed that if she reached out and touched Jesus’ cloak she would be healed and her faith healed her. When my wife reached out and asked for prayer for her scar her faith had healed her. Jesus Christ is Lord.