The Woman Delivered from Witchcraft


I used to have a small computer business and one day, my engineer Jan asked me if it would be alright if three of his friends visited him at the offices because he wanted them to see where he worked.

I said that would be fine, but he then revealed that he suspected that one of them might be into witchcraft and wasn’t going to tell me which of the three he thought it might be because he wanted to see if The Lord would reveal it to me.

A few days later his friends arrived at the office and Jan brought them upstairs. The first two he introduced me to were brother and sister. They were quite tall and had tattoos and piercings, were wearing jeans rolled up at the ankles and Dr Martin boots. They looked quite imposing but I discerned nothing bad about either of them.
Then Jan introduced me to his third friend in the group, a petite and pretty young girl called Jess, smart but casually dressed with long dark hair.

The minute I saw her, The Lord said: “Witchcraft”

The Lord Jesus also showed me in a vision three things in her bedroom which were offensive to Him.

After chatting to all of them for a minute, I asked Jess if I could have a word with her in private and invited her into my office. She agreed and as soon as she entered, I closed the door behind her and told her I was a Christian and that the Lord Jesus Christ had revealed to me that she was into witchcraft.

I told her not to worry and that the reason that The Lord Jesus had revealed this to me is because He loved her and didn’t want her to perish. I told her that the Lord Jesus sees everything we do and nothing is hidden, then I told her about the three items that He had revealed in the vision.

These were, a little plastic troll with long green hair in a bedside drawer, on the bedside table a crystal ornament in the shape mountain with a dragon on the top and hanging on the wall, a picture of a horseman riding through the mountains.

Jess collapsed on the floor in a flood of tears and cried out to me: “What must I do to be saved?”

I told her about The Way of Jesus Christ and led her in a prayer of faith and during the prayer, I was led to ask her to renounce witchcraft as well.

Jess then told me that her Auntie was a witch and there had been witches going back generations on her side of the family. Her auntie had been training her up as the only descendant in her generation.
So, not only was Jess reconciled to God through the Lord Jesus Christ, but a long tradition of witches in the family was terminated.

When Jess entered my office, her face was white, almost like a dead person. When she left, her face was full of colour and she was full of life, it was like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

Jan told me that Jess went straight home and threw away the troll and the dragon ornament but kept the picture for months. One day and under a conviction of the Holy Spirit, Jess took the picture outside to destroy it. When she pulled the back off the frame, the title of the picture was visible and read “Death on a Horse”.

Sometimes like Jess, people are coerced by their peers into following a path from which there appears to be no return; the truth is that there is always a return through The Lord Jesus Christ who loves us and has His hand outstretched just waiting for us to take hold.