The false prophet, the printer and the three thousand


Some years ago a new False Prophet emerged in the UK and got a lot of publicity as he had previously been a well known television presenter. He led many astray. One national newspaper ran a survey and out of 10,000 people questioned, 3,000 said they believed in the False Prophet.
I decided that for each person that was mislead, I would tell 1 person the Truth of Jesus Christ.

I compiled what looked like an official letter but was actually a tract and had the prayer of faith at the bottom and asked a local printer to produce 3,000 of them for me. The printer kept asking me questions about it and I began to think that he was showing an interest in the content and not just the printing. He finished up by saying that he was going on holiday for a week and when he got back the letters would be ready.

A week later, I went to collect the letters but the printer’s business partner was there. He said: “I’m very sorry to tell you that the printer died while on holiday. He had a heart condition. His wife said he woke up in the middle of the night with chest pains. She said he kept a copy of your letter in his pocket and just before he died he prayed the prayer that was at the bottom of it.”

I am still choked to tears when I tell people about this.

The letter was delivered to 3,000 homes and the church increased in number and people were saved.
We harvested what we had sown for The Lord Jesus Christ.