Man Crippled in a Car Accident is Healed


A few months after I became a Christian, I decided to travel from Birmingham to my home town of Stratford upon Avon and visit my brother.

My brother decided to take me to a local pub called the Squirrel which is still there to this day.

While we were in there I noticed a man standing by the bar who was an old friend. Straight away The Lord Jesus spoke to me about him and told me he had been in an accident and couldn’t walk properly or use his arm.
The Lord Jesus also told me that the man had a walking stick behind the bar which was out of view and told me that if I prayed for him, He would heal him.

So I went over and straight away he recognised me and started to tell me about his accident. He told me that the doctors had said he would never walk properly again and would never have the full use of his right arm or be able to hold a pen again. He also told me he had a walking stick which he had put behind the bar.

I told him I was a Christian now and that The Lord Jesus had told me about his accident and his walking stick behind the bar and that He was going to heal him.

My friend instead of ridiculing me, told me that anything I could do would be very welcome. I suppose I should have prayed for him right there but I was a new Christian and was nervous about praying in a busy pub. Also I didn’t really know how to pray for a healing or at least I thought I didn’t.

A few days later, I went along to my Christian Fellowships’ prayer meeting in Birmingham. Again I was a bit nervous because the people there seemed to come out with these great long prayers which I couldn’t do. When they had all finally finished they asked if anyone else wanted to pray and all started looking at me. So this was my moment and this was my prayer:

“Father in heaven, you told me that if I asked you, you would heal my friend in Stratford so I am asking you in the name of Jesus. Amen”

And that was it, but that was all that was needed.

A few weeks later, I visited Stratford again to see my brother and again we visited the Squirrel pub. In there was my old friend who as soon as he saw me ran over to me and said,

“Look Andrew, I can walk again, I don’t need the stick anymore and my arm is back to normal! Whatever you are doing up there in Birmingham, please keep doing it!”

I should have led him into reconciliation with God through Jesus but was new and wasn’t sure how to, so I suggested that he visit Stratford Christian Fellowship and tell them about what had happened which he said he would do.

All power and authority on heaven and earth has been given to Jesus, and one thing I did learn from this is, I did know how to pray for a healing after all!