Man comes back from the dead and tells what he saw


A few years ago, my father in law who was a believer in Jesus, became ill. He was diagnosed as having liver cancer and he was soon admitted to hospital. As the days went by he became very ill and was put on a terminal ward. We were told to expect the worst.

I was worrying about how the rest of the family would cope and how I would cope with them as they were all very close.

THEN THE LORD SPOKE TO ME AND SAID: “All you have done is think about yourself. Now got to the hospital and do what I have taught you to do…”

So I went to the hospital and when I arrived at his bedside, he couldn’t speak he just groaned. His skin and eyes had turned a yellow orange colour which is a sign of internal bleeding. I knew I was looking at a dying man and the nurses asked me for my telephone number in case anything happened in the night.

His wife was also there and I said: “Let’s pray for him”. So I prayed that he would be totally restored and would walk out of the hospital unaided and within two weeks.
At that point, something about him changed. I didn’t feel I was looking at a dying man any more. I turned to his wife and said: “I think he is going to live”. She looked at me and said: “I believe that too”.

The next day, he was sitting up in his bed looking completely different and telling everyone he had seen The Lord. He said that during the night he saw a great light at the foot of the bed. Standing in the centre if the light was The Lord Jesus along with members of his family some that had died and some that were still alive.

THE LORD SAID TO HIM: “It’s not your time yet you must go back”.

Within three days he was put on an ordinary ward and he kept telling everyone about what he had seen.
Within two weeks he was discharged. As he left the hospital, they offered him a wheel chair but he refused and he walked out with no help from anyone.

About a month later, he went back to hospital to have a biopsy on his liver tumour, except the doctors couldn’t find the tumour.

He continued to live a normal life for the next year and kept giving testimony to everyone about what he had seen.

Then The Lord spoke to me again and told me it was his time. I kept quiet about this for 3 days because I was frightened to tell anyone.
Then I went to see his wife and told her. She asked me: “How long as he got?” and I told her less than two weeks.

The next day, he started to become ill and over the next week, all of his relatives were able to come and visit and say goodbye.
I was there when he passed on and in his last moments, he was pointing towards the corner of the room.
The Lord revealed to me that he could see where he was going and was trying to tell us. He didn’t die, he stepped straight into the arms of Jesus and Heaven and left his body to die behind him.


Will you see Heaven or will you see something else?

If you are worried that you will not see heaven when it’s your time then you don’t need to.
God has given us The Way to ensure that we do go to Heaven when our time comes.

None of us are perfect, we have all failed God in some way (sin) and this sin separates us from God. For this reason God sent His Son Jesus to take away our history of sin when we ask God for forgiveness and believe in Jesus. ” For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John Ch 3 V 16.

If you want to be assured of seeing Heaven when your time comes then believe in Jesus in your heart and mind and pray this prayer:

Dear Father in Heaven, I know I have failed and am separated from you by my sin. I ask that forgive me and take away my sin that blinds me from seeing you. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. I ask you Lord Jesus to come into my life so that we can walk together. In Jesus Name, Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer and believe in your heart and mind then be assured, when your time comes you will see Heaven.