Her parents were told she would die but Jesus had other plans


Eight years ago, a friend of mine told me about the little girl in the picture.
She was only ten at the time and had just received a liver and kidney transplant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She was in a coma and the doctors told the parents that she wouldn’t make it through the night and to say goodbye to her.
That night I asked God in Jesus name to keep her alive so I could visit her the next day and pray for her and sure enough the next day she was still alive but still in a coma.
So I went to the hospital and as I didn’t know the parents took my youngest daughter Sarah with me who was also ten. I managed to persuade the parents to let us in to see their daughter and she was just as you see in the picture.
I asked them if we could pray for her and they didn’t seem sure at first but then my daughter said: “When my dad turns up things happen” Bless her. Of course she meant that when we call on The name of The Lord, Jesus happens.
So we prayed for her total restoration and within minutes she started to wake up from the coma. The recovery time in hospital is normally six weeks but she was discharged in just two. The doctors were amazed at her recovery. That was eight years ago and she has since won a medal in the Transplant Olympics and passed her driving test.
These are days and years her parents thought they would never see.
Jesus Christ is Lord.