Family delivered from twenty years of Hell in Jesus Name


In The Name Of Jesus, demons will have to flee…

A few months ago, I was asked to go to a house in Birmingham UK, as they had suffered strange disturbances which over a period of several weeks had worsened to the point where the familys’ 17 year old daughter was so petrified, she had moved out and refused to return.

I had visited the house before and had always felt uncomfortable there, but had just put that down to being in a place that was foreign to me. On arrival, I spent some time listening to what the mother of the girl had to say. Here is her account.

Uninvited Guest.

When the mother was in her teens, she used to get lonely and pretend she had an invisible friend that she would talk to. It wasn’t long before she began to feel a presence of this “friend” and talking to it became like second nature. This then developed in to more than just a feeling of something there, but she actually witnessed things moving about the house on their own and put this activity down to her “friend”. Soon she moved house and thought that that would be an end to it, but the entity soon turned up at her new place and the disturbances started again. She went to her local Christian church who came and prayed the house out and for about two weeks the place was quiet, but then the entity came back and the disturbances started again. The church didn’t know what to do and the mother just accepted the uninvited guest.

She then moved house again to where she lives now and again the entity moved with her, but this time things got much worse. The entity had thrown things around the house and had appeared as a young boy running up the stairs. The daughter had seen the young boy looking around the bathroom door at her. It had an evil demonic face and this is why she had become so petrified she had moved out.

Holy Spirit in action.

I had asked the daughter to be at the house during my visit and I asked her if she would like the peace of God in her heart. She believed in Jesus and the resurrection so I led her in the prayer of faith and she was saved. Then I led her mother in the prayer of faith and she was saved also. I then prayed the house out and it was at peace.

The Guest returns…

About two weeks later after no activity, I got a phone call from the mother asking me to go to the house as the entity had returned. God led me to tell her that she had the power and the authority to tell it to go herself, and this is what she must do to show the entity that being in her house was no longer acceptable. I jumped in the car straight away but when I got there it was all over, the house was at peace and the entity had gone. The mother told me she had become so angry with the thought of her and her children suffering all those years, that she yelled at the entity, “Get out of my house in the name of Jesus!!!” And it went never to return again.

The Lesson.

Sometimes we learn to live with or put up with the unacceptable when we just don’t have to. This lady had lived with this problem for such a long time and because she accepted it, it kept coming back (Matthew Chapter 12 V 43, 44 and 45). It needed her to take a stand against it in the Name Of Jesus.

I have over 25 years in The Lord. The lady who finally cast the demon out of her house had just two weeks in The Lord.