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The Lord says: “I am going to teach you Myself”


Not long after I became a Christian, I was thinking of becoming a Religious Knowledge Teacher and was considering going to Bible College but hadn’t told anyone. That same week in Church a visiting minister called me to the front

The Lord’s plan for you isn’t big, it’s awesome.


When I became a Christian over 25 years ago, a visiting minister came into the church and said: “The Lord’s got a Word for you” He put his hand on my shoulder and said: “He has a task for you,

Her parents were told she would die but Jesus had other plans


Eight years ago, a friend of mine told me about the little girl in the picture. She was only ten at the time and had just received a liver and kidney transplant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She was in a

Man comes back from the dead and tells what he saw


A few years ago, my father in law who was a believer in Jesus, became ill. He was diagnosed as having liver cancer and he was soon admitted to hospital. As the days went by he became very ill and

The false prophet, the printer and the three thousand


Some years ago a new False Prophet emerged in the UK and got a lot of publicity as he had previously been a well known television presenter. He led many astray. One national newspaper ran a survey and out of

Family delivered from twenty years of Hell in Jesus Name


In The Name Of Jesus, demons will have to flee… A few months ago, I was asked to go to a house in Birmingham UK, as they had suffered strange disturbances which over a period of several weeks had worsened

74 Year old blind woman is healed


One day, my wife and I went next door to visit our 74 year old neighbour Mary and were shocked at what we saw. Overnight she had gone blind. She could only make out shapes as she tried to find

The Woman who was Healed of Epilepsy


When I met my wife to be, I soon learnt that she suffered from epilepsy. At the age of ten she had been hit by a car and dragged along the road causing internal injuries and some scaring on the

The Woman Delivered from Witchcraft


I used to have a small computer business and one day, my engineer Jan asked me if it would be alright if three of his friends visited him at the offices because he wanted them to see where he worked.

Man Crippled in a Car Accident is Healed


A few months after I became a Christian, I decided to travel from Birmingham to my home town of Stratford upon Avon and visit my brother. My brother decided to take me to a local pub called the Squirrel which