About The Charity
Redsky International is a Limited Company with charitable status and has a legal right to teach The Way of Jesus Christ on an international level.
It also has a legal right to offer memberships on an international level.

About Memberships
Memberships are for life and are free.
Memberships are available to persons of any sex, colour, race or religious background.
To qualify for membership, you must believe in Jesus Christ in accordance with the three scriptures quoted on our Statement Of Faith page.
You must also have a burning desire to share your faith with others.
Members who are sharing their faith on the street must teach about The Way of Jesus. (We are not looking for Bible teachers.)

Benefits Of Membership
Members are participants in Isaiah’s vision and Jesus’ commission for His believers.
Members have access to downloadable resources on this website.
Members also have access to the Redsky community forums.
Members have the legal protection and support of an international organisation.