74 Year old blind woman is healed


One day, my wife and I went next door to visit our 74 year old neighbour Mary and were shocked at what we saw. Overnight she had gone blind. She could only make out shapes as she tried to find her way around her house. She kept bumping into the furniture and couldn’t see her way to walk through the doorways from one room to another.

I was immediately filled with compassion and wanted to pray for the restoration of her sight but the Lord Jesus Christ told me not to.

Mary went to see her doctor and was referred to an eye specialist. The specialist examined her eyes and so we waited for the result all the time, distraught at Mary’s suffering. A few days later she received a letter from the hospital and asked me to read it to her. The letter said that she would never see again and there was nothing they could do.

Then Jesus told me: ” Now pray for her.” He also told me He had a Word for her and it was “The Healing Pool” in John Chapter 5.

I didn’t understand why Jesus had given me this Word and not a Word about healing the blind so I asked The Lord: “Do you want me to read this scripture to her?”
And The Lord said: “No. She is going to read it to you.”

So I thought WOW!!! This I can’t wait to see.

So I prayed for the restoration of her sight and straight away she could see again. I handed her my Bible which had quite small print and asked her to read the account of “The Healing Pool”.

She read it word perfect and without glasses. It was the first time she had read anything without glasses for over 30 years.

Then The Lord revealed why He had given me that Word. The Healing pool was representative of the Church and because the cripple was old and infirm, he couldn’t get to the pool to receive his healing so Jesus brought the healing to him.

Mary was old and infirm and couldn’t get to the church to receive her healing so Jesus brought the healing to her through me.

There were two trees in the garden of Eden, the tree of knowledge and The Tree of Life. Mankind chose knowledge, but knowledge couldn’t restore Mary’s sight. The Tree of Life however, (Jesus) did restore her sight because Jesus Christ is Lord.