About the author:
In 2005, I received a calling from Jesus Christ and with it came visions and revelation which explained what John had seen on the island of Patmos 2,000 years earlier. These came over a period of about 12 months, bearing in mind there are 14 catastrophic global events all linked to each other. I finally had the entire message completed and written down in about March / April 2006.

Jesus has given me 12 years notice of the beginning of these events.

I have since 2006 used this message to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ and formed Redsky International Ltd to facilitate this.
Over the last few years, through social media, the internet and on the street, I have been able to convey the message around the globe and although some people I have encountered have seen one or two of the events in a vision, nobody has seen the whole picture.

This is Jesus’ End Time Message: “Global Catastrophe –This is The Way”

Andrew Inns.