The Woman who was Healed of Epilepsy


When I met my wife to be, I soon learnt that she suffered from epilepsy. At the age of ten she had been hit by a car and dragged along the road causing internal injuries and some scaring on the

The Woman Delivered from Witchcraft


About ten years after I became a Christian, I had started a small business supplying computers to churches and had offices in Cotteridge in Birmingham pictured on the left. I had a hardware engineer working for me called Jan who

The Blind Woman who Regained Her Sight


About three years after I became a Christian, I got married and moved into a house in Cofton Road in West Heath, Birmingham next door to the house in the picture on the left. Living next door was a lady

Healing of a Man Crippled in a Car Accident

The Squirrel Pub Stratford upon Avon

A few months after I became a Christian, I decided to travel from Birmingham to my home town of Stratford upon Avon and visit my brother. My brother decided to take me to a local pub called the Squirrel which

Redsky Comes to Faith and is Tempted


Coming to faith wasn’t difficult for me. I had lived a typical worldly life, only interested in making a lot of money, having an expensive car and a big house. Although I believed in God and Jesus, I had never